Whistler Issue 144

The next edition of The Whistler, (issue 144) has now been compiled by Andy Sparks, with John Stephens just finishing the proof read.

It is going to be a bumper 60 Page Edition to cover the 60th Anniversary of the Class 40’s event at The East Lancashire Railway.

The cover price of this edition is £5.00 (not the usual £3.50) to Non-Members of The Class 40 Preservation Society (CFPS). To CFPS Members it is FOC as part of your membership fee.

Because it is 60 Pages, it will cost us more to post it to you, so the forward plan is that where possible, we will hand them out at The East Lancashire Railway 3 Day Diesel event in July.

Of course not everyone will be attending the event at Bury in July, but if you are and you are happy to collect your edition of the magazine at Bury, will you please send John Stephens a quick email to let him know. You can email him here.

This will also help prevent a repeat of the lash up that occurred with the last edition where 47 copies posted out to members never reached their intended destinations.

Thanks in advance to those of you who are happy to collect your magazine at Bury.