Whistler 144 Update

After The ELR Diesel Gala, there were 421 Whistler mags that needed stuffing in envelopes and posting to CFPS Members who were unable to collect their mags at Bury.

The envelopes were then labelled and the flaps taped down in order to protect the mags from spilling out of the envelopes.

I did this wonderfully exciting task myself over the last 10 days.

Today, having hired a van to take the sales stock to DRS Crewe tomorrow afternoon, I took all the mags to Bury, with help from member John Wantling.

John and I then took them to the sorting office for despatch to the CFPS members.

Hopefully, no mags from this batch will go astray and they will land safely at the various locations across the country in the next 2 to 3 working days.

As ever, thank you to The ELR for allowing us to use their franking machine, it is a big help to us and thank you to John Wantling for changing his plans to help me today.

John Stephens