UPDATE / CHANGE OF PLAN re TYRE WORK to be carried out on 40145.

UPDATE / CHANGE OF PLAN re TYRE WORK to be carried out on 40145.

Hi All,

You will recall my message on MAY 31st stating that with the help of Shaun Wright we had devised a plan to swap 2 x wheelsets on 40145 for a couple of wheels owned by Shaun Wright that were considered in better condition.

The wheelset exchange could only happen once D213 had departed Barrow Hill and that was initially expected to happen MID JUNE.

D213 didn’t actually leave Barrow Hill until well into July and then the wheelsets planned to be used in the exchange were found to be pitted.

The fault could still be rectified BUT, at more cost and also more time taken with the repairs.

We reached a point where the work couldn’t be guaranteed to be completed in time for the Charters to run.

As a consequence, the current set of wheelsets on 40145 have now been thoroughly examined by an independent examiner and passed fit for running at 80mph maximum speed.

40145 will therefore haul BOTH the September Charters in its current condition.

Once the 2 x one way Charters have run, 40145 WILL DEFINITELY HAVE ITS FULL SET OF TYRES REPLACED, during the latter part of this year.

SO, the 2 x one way Charters on September 14th and 16th WILL (once again!) BE 40145s LAST MAIN LINE CHARTER RUNNING before it goes to Barrow Hill to have the wheelsets removed.

With D213 coming into play, the timing for 40145s replacement wheelsets is perfect.

The repair work to 40135s segmental bearing at ONE END ONLY, will cost CFPS approximately £15,000.

So, we REALLY DO NEED the 2 x SEPTEMBER CHARTER TRAINS hauled by 40145…… to be FULL.

At present the 2 trips are not yet full, but please make your best endeavours to support these 2 x CFPS Charter trains now that you know there are no date clashes with D213.

Remember also the offer by The ELR, that anyone booking on BOTH of THE CFPS Charters can travel on the ELR for JUST £5 on Saturday September 15th when 40012 will work the Diesel Diagram.

I hope this email and the previous 2 puts everyone in the picture as to exactly what is going to be happening.

40145 working ONE WAY STOCK POSITIONING Charter Trains on 14/09 and 16/09

D213 working Charter Trains on 27/08, 06/10 and on 13/10.

Please do get your bookings into CFPS if you haven’t already booked.