The WHISTLER Magazine and the AGM this Saturday

Hi All,

THE WHISTLER Mag issue 145 has been collected from the printers and is now awaiting the usual tedious posting process.

HOWEVER, as per our official notification some 3 to 4 weeks it is The CFPS AGM this coming Saturday November 10th.

Can CFPS Members please notify myself and CFPS Secretary Robert Dove if you plan to attend the AGM, or give your apologies FOR ABSENCE, if you are not attending please.

For those of you who are attending, to help reduce the postage workload, we will hand you your latest Whistler magazine as you sign in at the door and drop some coins into the CFPS Donation Buckets.

Please do let us know whether you are coming or not, if only to avoid us wasting time putting seats out that are not going to be used!

Thanks Everyone.


John Stephens