Hi All,

During the 3 Day ELR Diesel Gala, a fair number of Whistler mags were collected by CFPS Members.

YESTERDAY, Wednesday 17/07, the remaining 390 magazines were posted out to the CFPS Members who were unable to collect them from The ELR.

The mags were posted out 2nd Class Franked Mail.

Thankyou once again to The ELR for allowing The CFPS to use their franking machine. ( Just for clarity, the postal cost has been paid by CFPS to The ELR ! )

Thank you also to JOHN WANTLING who was once again willing to give me a hand with the carting and the loading and unloading of the boxes of magazines.

This issue was once again late, through no fault of the Editor Andy Sparks, we should be hopefully playing catch up now and there will NOT be a similar time frame between this issue and the next, number 148.

Thank you for your patience folks.