The Whistler Issue 146

CFPS Whistler Mag Issue 146 was posted out on MONDAY 18/02, by 2nd class franked mail to CFFS Members.

CFPS Members will therefore have either just received their copy OR are about to receive their edition of the magazine.

The distribution process was undertaken last Saturday by Karl Crowther, John Wantling and myself whilst we also manned the CFPS sales stand at The ELR Sulzer event at Bury.

THANK YOU to LANCE COOK and his BRILLIANT PARTNER Rachel who BOTH helped us with the magazines AND ALSO helped us set up the sales stand in the morning and pack up the sales stand in the evening.

Thank you also to PAUL MORRIS for helping set up the sales stand in the morning and

Thank you to JOHN HITCHEN for helping us to pack up in the evening.

We have a few more events that we could attend with a sales stand to earn funds for 40145, but without people stepping forward to help, alas we won’t be attending as my bones are done in nowadays !


John Stephens