The Whistler

The Whistler magazine is the society’s official publication. It is published quarterly and posted free to members of the CFPS. We have a few left over for sale to non-members.

  • Issues 1-99 £1.00 each
  • Issues 101-126 £2.00 each
  • Issues 127 to 142 £2.50 each (Now in Full Colour)
  • Issue 143 onwards (Except 144) £3.50 each
  • Issue 144 is £5.00 as it is a 60 page special edition that was produced to celebrate the ’60 Years of Class 40’s’ event, held at the ELR in April 2018.

Previous issue numbers available to purchase are as follows;

  • Issue numbers 2 and 9
  • Issue numbers 18 to 66 inclusive
  • Issue numbers 68 to 99 inclusive
  • Issue numbers 101 to 153 inclusive

Please contact us for details of which back issues are currently available. P & P will be £1.50 for up to 5 issues and £1.00 extra for every 5 issues thereafter. For Details of how to order please visit our sales page here.

If you wish to contact the Author of the Magazine to submit photographs or articles for inclusion please contact Andy Sparks here (amending ‘AT’ to read ‘@’).