The ELR One Day Diesel Event on 21st September 2019


Although there were no class 40s operating at The ELR one day Diesel event on 21/09, The CFPS still had a sales stand present..

Alas, income from the SALES stand on the day only amounted to £206.

We did though receive a total of £16.29 in “loose change” donations plonked in the 3 Donation buckets we had lying around.

We ALSO received a £40 Donation from one CFPS Member and a £75 Donation from another CFPS Member.

KARL CROWTHER is our NEW RAFFLE TICKET SELLING HERO, taking over the mantle from Andy Walton.

Just on the Saturday, KARL sold £117 of raffle tickets which he did after helping to set up the sales stand at 7am and then after his raffle ticket stint, he then helped pack all the stock away which we finished at 6pm.

JOHN WANTLING helped set up the sales stand in the morning and STUART HOOD helped pack up the sales stock at the close of play.

THOMAS HITCHEN arrived at 7am to spend 2 hours helping to set up the sales stand and then he came back at the close of play to spend another 2 hours helping us to pack the sales stock and load up the van.

Thank you sincerely to THOMAS, KARL, JOHN and STUART for ALL their help at The ELR on 21/09.