So it begins…

The trio of D200, D213 and 40012 arrived at Bury Bolton Street station on the evening of Monday 9th April, hauled by The Deltic Preservation Society’s D9009. Also in the consist is a new member of the ELR fleet, 47765.

I’m sure you will agree, all three look absolutely fantastic and it goes without saying to have these locos here along side our three, 40106, 40135 and 40145, is something very special indeed.

Obviously, getting the locos here has been no easy task. With months of planning between the ELR, CFPS, Shaun Wright (D213), Paul Hill (40012) and the NRM (D200), it has been a success. A big thank you to all of the above for making this happen. We also must thank West Coast Railways for their commitment in assisting with the loco moves on Monday, 9th April and the DPS for the use of D9009 to get the locos to the ELR and support the 40’s at 60 event this coming weekend, 13th, 14th and 15th April.

While all this was happening, James Bottomley was finalising 40135’s preparations for the weekend.

‪40135 stands running at the Loco Works this evening, following the rectification of brake and air system faults; these in addition to the weekend of progress on completion of the Engine Pre-heater installation, cooling system rebuild and reconnection of the body to the bogies.

Its now only 3 days away to this amazing event. Hope everyone who is attending the event has a fantastic time. Please be safe during what is to be a busy event.