Results of Members Survey

Good morning

With the AGM only a couple of days away please find the results of the 2 members surveys carried out this year, many thanks to the members who took part. The first (electronic) was sent out in March. The questions on this were quite straightforward and responses are represented by the 2 pie charts, we received 155 responses from members (31%)

During the summer we sent out a second paper survey included with the magazine, the questions were more in depth and 99 responses were received from members (20%). This is represented in the spreadsheet (CFPS Members Ballot). 

Using Google the average response rate for a paper (mailed) survey is 50% and for an online version is 29%. We also do not know at the moment how many people voted in both, so please consider this when considering the results. 

The GDPR audit carried out over the past couple of years has allowed the CFPS to understand the age profile of the membership and like the locos we are not getting any younger. This will form part of my report at the AGM, but I thought it would be good to share with everybody in case you don’t make it to Bury this Saturday. The age of our current membership has been broken down across the top starting in 2020 and taking us through to 2050. The age bands 51-66 are intended to show members in the run up to retirement and then 67-79 once they have reached the current retirement age for a state pension. Depending on what the individual has in place for retirement, this could indicate when other outgoings are more of a priority than supporting the CFPS? 2035 stands out to me and its only 15 years away, not long when you consider 145 has been mainline now for 17 years. In 2035 327 members will be above the age of 67 and living on a pension of some description, with only 15 being under the age of 50, 135 members will be aged between 51 and 66.

Food for thought.

Clive Elverstone

Membership Secretary.