Hi All,

I am struggling with quite a few of the refunds that people are entitled to ask for and receive.

Firstly, if you have requested a refund, did you state both the bank account and the sort code and your name as it appears on the account?

PLEASE either TEXT all your bank details to, 075 000 40145 or EMAIL

If you made an online booking, you will have been given a computer generated reference number on the email confirmation you received, please quote it when requesting a refund.

If you posted a booking form and made a payment into the bank, please state the date that you made the payment.

Please DO NOT send your bank details via “cfps updates” email address as everyone can see your bank details then.

When stating your bank details, more often than not your bank account is an 8 digit account number, please check that you are quoting an 8 figure number to me.

Your sort code should be a 6 Figure Number, this is not the case on every occasion, but it is on most.

Please also state your name on the bank account and how it is stated for “on-line“ banking.

If I can get all the above info, you have a very good chance of getting a prompt repayment.

Thanks folks


John Stephens