Plans for 40106 at the Severn Valley Railway

As we have just been informed from Jonathan Wilcox, below is list of 40106’s forthcoming planned workings at the Severn Valley Railway as we currently understand them. It equates to well over 1,500 miles between now and the end of November.

Please note that all usual caveats apply and are subject to change, this is a PROVISIONAL listing, and most are contingent on the successful completion of the restoration of 106’s steam heating capability.

19.08.19 (footplate experience)
31.08.19 Evening Scenic
03.10.19 to 06.10.19 Diesel Gala
12.10.19 and 13.10.19
19.10.19 and 20.10.19
26.10.19 through to 03.11.19
09.11.19 and 10.11.19
16.11.19 and 17.11.19
22.11.19 (private charter)
23.11.19 and 24.11.19

40106 remains on pole position at Kidderminster TMD on Thunderbird duties and therefore other more short notice workings are possible, as ever we will try our best to get the word out about these as soon as we can. Please also check with the Severn Valley Railway for up to date and confirmed workings before travelling. 

We hope this helps you plan and we hope to see you down here in Worcestershire for some 16SVT entertainment later in 2019.