Sites featuring Class 40 photos or related content

Railtour organisations

Preserved Railways and Groups

  • AIA Locomotives – The Class 31 preservation body
  • Barrow Hill – Barrow Hill Engine Shed Society.
  • The BR Diesel Website – Photos and sound clips from preservation, including East Lancashire Railway.
  • Brush Type 4 – FundOwners of 47105 at the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire  Railway.
  • Class 37 Locomotive Group – Formed by the merger of The Class 37 Association and Class 37  Group. Workings and diagrams, about the Group, and photos too.
  • Class 40 Appeal – The CFA, owners of 40012 & 37190
  • Deltic Preservation Society – One of the most successful and best known diesel preservation  societies. Owners of 55009, 55015 and 55019.
  • Diesel & Electric Preservation Group – The DEPG are based on the West Somerset Railway. Owners of D7017, D7018, D1010 and D9526.
  • Diesel Traction Group – The DTG. Owners of D821, D1015, D7029 and D8568.
  • East Lancashire Railway – Details of our home, the East Lancashire Railway – the line  and its history, timetables, photos, signalling and lots more.
  • EM2 Locomotive Society – Details of the group, the locomotives and more.
  • The Fifty  Fund – Owning and operating group for 50007, 50031, 50035, 50044 and 50049.
  • The Growler Group – Owners of 37099 and 37215 at the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway.
  • 55022 Royal Scots Grey – Details about this famous Deltic, tour news, sales items etc
  • Preserved Diesels – Covers all the ‘preserved’ diesels, with photos, locations and other details.
  • Railways of North Wales – A site dedicated to the Railways of North Wales from 1975-1983.
  • UK Heritage Railways – A guide to the entire heritage railway scene in the UK,  including details of special events and operating days.

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