How ironic..!

How ironic that the afternoon class 40 photo shoot was halted for 10 minutes whilst 40012 was moved away from the line-up.

This was to allow 34092 CITY OF WELLS (the focus of the ELR fundraising raffle) to head back to the depot for servicing after working the ELR passenger diagram.

The Green Steam loco doesn’t look out of place alongside D200, D213 and 40106!

On the subject of the ELR raffle,
Although I have asked CFPS Members to support it, I do recognise that not every member will feel like doing so.
One member has instead, returned the ELR raffle ticket books and made a £10 donation to The CFPS.

If the action stated above appeals to other CFPS members, please return the ELR raffle tickets to me and include a donation amount of your choice which will then be put to the Tyre replacement costs on 40145.

For other members who are happy to support The ELR fundraising raffle, The ELR really do appreciate the help that the CFPS are giving to their appeal.

Thanks very much for that folks..