Happy New Year from The CFPS

Happy New Year to all CFPS members and their nearest and dearest, I hope everybody had an enjoyable Christmas and are looking forward to 2019.

2019 is going to be a challenging year for the CFPS. Shortly before Christmas I visited Barrow Hill  for a chat with Shaun Wright about the work required on 40145 to get the new tyres fitted on the wheelsets.

We are going to need a substantial amount of money over the first few months of 2019.

Approx. £20,000 to pay for the work on 40145 whilst it is at Barrow Hill, AND then IN ADDITTION, a further £25,000 to pay for the removal of worn tyres and the fitting of the new tyres.

We do have some funds in CFPS bank account, but we are also concentrating on getting the repair work on 40135’s bogies sorted as well, so what money we do have won’t cover the cost of the work required.

We are going to require a combination of DONATIONS, LONG TERM MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS and PURCHASES OF CFPS SALES STOCK, particularly The CFPS CALENDARS, and The RANGE OF CFPS BOOKS for starters. Full details on how to do this can be found on our website www.cfps.co.uk

Please can you help in any way you can so that we can collectively work together to achieve the above target.

40106 is flying the flag for The CFPS at The Severn Valley Railway and CFPS MEMBERS Pete and Jonathan Wilcox are doing a superb job overseeing the general maintenance on the loco and maintain the admin records for us. Although on the 28th December 2018 the loco had to be taken out of service due to the failure of the train heating boiler, an update will be provided when it is known the extent of the repairs required.

Many thanks for your support during 2018 and I look forward to your continued support in 2019 in what is going to be a very busy fundraising year for The CFPS.

Best regards

John Stephens


The Class 40 Preservation Society