Hi All,

Truly Sorry to inform you that BOTH of the ONE WAY Trips from Carnforth to Bury on FRIDAY 14/09 and Bury to Carnforth on SUNDAY 16/09 involving 40145 have had to be CANCELLED.

After receiving the disappointing news that we would not be able to visit BUXTON and DOWLOW, I put out the information and stated I was trying to arrange an appealing alternative route.
Unfortunately, I received a fair number of cancelled bookings from people who had booked specifically to go to Dowlow.

I pressed on regardless, trying to get an interesting alternative route in place but sections of my revised plan turned out to be NOT passed for the Class 40.
With cancellations continuing to be received due to no revised route being in place, I have had to accept defeat.

To further frustrate my plans, some of those who cancelled the Friday trip, had also booked for Sundays trip and had hotels booked for two nights.
It was not financially viable for them to retain their hotel bookings for 2 nights and they have cancelled their Sunday booking as well.

Others had booked for Fridays Class 40 Trip and Saturdays ELR FLYING SCOTSMAN trip.
Sadly that ELR trip on Saturday 15/09 has had to be cancelled due to late notice of engineering works now taking place between Manchester Victoria, Eccles and Salford.

Please Note.
ANYBODY WHO PAID by CHEQUE, your cheque has not been presented at the bank and will simply be destroyed.

ANYBODY WHO PAID DIRECTLY into CFPS BANK ACCOUNT, please EMAIL me your bank details, OR TEXT them to me on 075 000 40145, stating your booking reference number and I will reimburse you.

Once you have given me your bank details, please allow me a few days to deal with all the refunds.

Apologies once again for the situation folks and thank you for your understanding.