Good morning everybody

Now that Issue 147 of THE WHISTLER magazine is on its way to members and contained inside is a second members survey. I don’t wish to bombard everyone with info, but think its important that the 155 of you who took the time to complete the firstsurvey received some feedback of the findings. Some of the results received were so close the committee felt that before anything was acted upon that we should ask some more detailed questions on the second version, so as not to demotivate the membership or even lose members. 

155 responses were received and that works out at about 31-32% of the membership. Good old Google tells us that the average response rate when surveying staff / members is between 31 and 40%, so that puts us within the expected average. We received some good ideas and some constructive criticism in the first survey and these have been made available to the committee. So its important that we get as many responses to the second survey as possible please. I have included a couple of pie charts which I think clearly show the results received, at the bottom of this message. Any questions please contact me at

Just one final thing to add to my report in Issue 147. Members are currently raising around £50 per month by using with the current total at £279.83. We have 37 registered users with about 18 active on a regular basis, I’ll let you work out for yourselves how much could be raised if we had 100 members active each month! Full details of how to join are in Issue 147. Many thanks to members who are already raising FREE money for The CFPS your efforts are very much appreciated.

The PayPal donation account currently stands at £1464.41. Many thanks for the donations received and to members who have “Shared a Coffee” with us each month with a £3 (or more) regular donation.

Best regards

Clive Elverstone

Membership Sec.