ELR Driver Experience – Thursday, 12th April…

Hi All,

Progress has been made with the planning of the driving opportunities.

There are 16 x 4 MILE, driving slots available on the Bury to Rawtenstall section of the line and there are 18 x 4 MILE driving slots available on the Bury to Heywood section.

Originally, the plan was for the Class 40 to work to Rawtenstall and the Class 37 to work to Heywood.

However, by going to Heywood with the 40, it gives 2 extra driving opportunities for people, so subject to demand that is what we are likely to do.

The drives will commence at 09.50 from BURY in both directions.

Departures TO Heywood will be at……. 09.50, 10.35, 11.20, 12.00, 12.45, 14.00, 14.40, 15.25 and 16.05.

Departures FROM Heywood will be at…10.10, 10.55, 11.40, 12.20, 13.05, 14.20, 15.00. 15.45and 16.30.

Departures TO Rawtenstall will be at……09.50, 11.30, 13.55, and 15.40.

Departures FROM Rawtenstall will be….10.40, 12.20, 14.50, and 16.30.

On the Rawtenstall section of the line, one person will drive Bury to Ramsbottom, then another person will drive Ramsbottom to Rawtenstall.

Another person will then drive Rawtenstall to Ramsbottom and then another person will drive Ramsbottom to Bury.

I will be in contact with those of you who emailed me to express an interest in driving to book you a slot.

Thank you for your interest and your patience, but mainly THANK YOU to The ELR STAFF for agreeing to put all this this together for us.


John Stephens