ELR Diesel Gala

Hi All,

The CFPS are having a sales stand at BURY during the 3 days of the ELR Diesel Gala, starting on THURSDAY July 4th. 

WHISTLER MAG Issue 147 was produced some 2 weeks ago but for several reasons the magazine has not yet been distributed to CFPS MEMBERS.

The plan now is that any CFPS member who visits the ELR over the 3 days will be handed their WHISTLER magazine IF, they come to the CFPS sales stand on BURY BOLTON STREET STATION.

You don’t have to purchase anything or give a Donation to obtain your magazine, however IF you want to do so whilst visiting the CFPS sales stand, that would be very kind of you !

Magazines not collected at Bury will be sent out to members after the 3 day event has finished.

At present, Karl Crowther and John Wantling have offered to help over the 3 days and Clive Elverstone has offered to help on the Saturday.

If anyone else wants to help, please email me or send a text to 075 000 40145.


John Stephens

CFPS Chairman