D345 Update

Please see below an edited version of the email sent to CFPS Members on Sunday, 25th July from the society Chairman. The email is an update regarding 40145 and planned outings once the works being carried out at the LSL facilities in Crewe are completed.

Hi All

D345 numbers are now at LSL, along with the “Blue Star” and “Overhead warning” decals. The number sets are likely to be applied on Monday 26th July and 40145 will then revert to being referred to as D345. The painters at LSL are really cracking on with the job now, and bogie frames and air tanks are now being repainted. As things stand D345 is likely to be released from the paint shop in green livery on Monday August 2nd.

When released from the paint shop, D345 will then move into the depot whilst all the window rubbers and the appropriate sealant are organised to enable the refitment of windows. The works plates have been sent away to be refurbished, and the brass air horn grills are also receiving attention. Replacement air horns (trumpets) have also been obtained and refurbished.

All the electrical equipment including GSMR will then need to be reconnected and tested. With the vast assortment of bodywork repairs now completed and great progress having been made with the repaint, The CFPS has been able to make some plans for D345.

LSL have agreed that, the first operational outing for D345 in its new livery, will appropriately be to attend THE EAST LANCS RAILWAY Diesel event on FRIDAY September 17th and SATURDAY 18th 2021.

Thereafter, fixed in the LSL diary for Saturday October 30th is a Charter Train from PRESTON to PLYMOUTH and return with D213 + D345 working in multiple.

At present, these dates are the only 2 dates confirmed for CLASS 40 activity.

I have been told on a few occasions that there are rumours circulating regarding some Class 40 activity on October 3rd. LSL have confirmed to me that they have received and enquiry for October 3rd, but they have not yet been able to assess the job fully.

Please note that the CFPS are not running any tours as mentioned above. Please check with LSL (http://www.lsltoc.co.uk) and Saphos (https://saphostrains.com) or InterCity (https://inter-city.co.uk) for further information. The ELR working is part of the Autumn Diesel Gala so again, please check with the ELR (https://www.eastlancsrailway.org) for further information.

I hope the above helps people to make some plans.

Thank you.

John Stephens
Chairman – CFPS.