D345 – Autumn ELR Gala

Just to inform you that D345 is scheduled to head from LSL Crewe to Bury ELR on Wednesday September 15th to attend the 2 day ELR DIESEL EVENT on Friday & Saturday the 17 th & 18th September 2021.

All being well, D345 should be taking 37688 with it to Bury and both locos should hopefully be in operation over the 2 Days of the event.

My understanding is that people will be able to book either a 1 or 2 day event ticket from The ELR.There will be a discounted price for pre-booking and tickets will be available soon. Please keep a lookout on the ELR website for details.

The CFPS will have a Sales stand at the event.
WHISTLER magazine Issue 152, will be available to those members who attend the Diesel event to collect from the sales stand. Please note that new members who joined after the 19th August 2021 will not receive Issue 152, but will receive the 4 subsequent copies as part of their membership. This is due to quite an influx of new members and enough magazines not being printed.Due to the prolonged period between issues owing to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Issue 152 has 56 pages.

(Edited version of CFPS Update email sent to CFPS members this morning by John Stephens).