CLASS 40 Hauled Charter Trains

Hi All,

Recently, I have had people telling me, that D213 will be hauling various Charter Trains and that some of the dates would be clashing with the 40145 hauled Charters on 14/09 and 16/09.

Another rumour was that D213 would be working a Charter to Holyhead on 15/09, sandwiched between the 2 x one way trips with 40145 mentioned above.

I politely stated to people that it was not to be the case and today Saphos Trains have released information on 3 Charter trains to be hauled by ANDANIA.

The dates for their Tours with D213 are: 27/08, 06/10 and 13/10 and the dates do not clash with the 2 x September dates that we have planned for 40145.

We have been working closely with Shaun Wright and Saphos Trains to ensure that there would not be any date clashes where class 40 hauled Charter Trains are concerned.

The CFPS wish Shaun Wright and Saphos Trains every success with their Charter Operations with D213 and The CFPS will do all it can to help and support their efforts.

The proof of the pudding is that back on July 18th and 19th, 3 x Saphos Drivers visited The ELR and for driver training on 40145 and had a few runs out from Bury to Heywood and return.

Once 40145 has received its Full new set of tyres, the hope is that D213 and 40145 will haul a Main Line Charter Train together.