Class 40 Activity at The ELR

Class 40 activity at The ELR continues mainly due to the Steam Ban in place.

WEDNESDAY 11/07/2018

40106 is now scheduled to work at The ELR, in lieu of the scheduled steam loco.

As well as hauling the ordinary service train, the 2nd diagram includes the dining train being added at the rear of the train on the way up to Rawtenstall, possibly load 10!

FRIDAY 13/07/2018

40012 is now be covering FXP turns (56006 scheduled but n/a) and also 40106 is scheduled to work the service train and again it includes the attachment of the diner for the 2nd trip.

SATURDAY 14/07/2018

40012 is scheduled to work the Diesel Diagram. 40106 is scheduled to work one of the Steam Diagrams.

Hope you will grab the chances available to you whilst you can.