CFPS September Charter Trains

Hi All,

Most of you will be aware that some timings appeared on RTT on Friday afternoon relating to our FRIDAY 14/09 Charter.

The routes stated with the timings had little resemblance to the itinerary submitted to our TOC and advertised on our booking forms.

I was at hospital on Friday and was blissfully ignorant of what information was starting to circulate and also unaware of the volume of emails and text messages being sent to me with queries.

For those of you awaiting a reply from me and those of you who have resubmitted your messages, my apologies for not being able to get back to you, I have been trying to establish what can be done.

As best I could, I got on the case on Friday evening at a time when most peoples working day had finished.

Credit to James at WCRC, despite his working day ending and him making final arrangements to fly away on holiday, he tried to establish what had gone wrong and what could be done about it.

The problem is not an easy fix, particularly as route closures were announced on Friday for the Manchester area on 15/09 that affect the Flying Scotsman Charter on the Saturday.

CFPS are involved in the running of that Charter and a few Society members have booked on that train. I have been in regular contact with WCRC to establish an alternative route for that trip.

40145 might still be involved in the Saturday trip but of course the priority is sorting something for the Friday Charter.

At this point in time, it is looking VERY UNLIKELY that we will be heading to Stalybridge and then travelling round to Ashburys and on to Buxton and Dowlow.

As a replacement to this route, I have asked if we can traverse some lines in an area close to what remained of our original Friday request.

It is recognised that there is little time for planners to work something out for us, but I have asked if it would be possible to cover some lines in the Liverpool, Chester and Warrington areas.

IF, there are people who have only booked on the Charter because they wanted to travel to the Stalybridge, Buxton and Dowlow areas, and they want to cancel there booking, please EMAIL me.

My email address is

If others are happy to support the CFPS and go wherever we can still arrange to travel, thank you for your support.

The tours were organised to generate income that we are in desperate need of to pay for the tyre replacements on 40145 and now also the segmental bearing problem on 40135.

FINALLY for now, I CAN CONFIRM that the SUNDAY 16/09 ONE WAY Charter WILL RUN as per the route on the Booking form.

Many of you thought that the visit of the 40 to BOTH Bradford Stations, plus ILKLEY and GRASSINGTON was a Tour not to be missed, so lets be thankful that the Sunday Trip will run as planned.

IF some of you want TO TRANSFER your Friday booking to the Sunday Trip, THAT IS FINE but I cant give any guarantee about the FIRST CLASS seating.

I hope the above info is some help to folks.

John Stephens