CFPS Members Survey

We are interested in receiving some feedback from the CFPS membership on a few ideas that members of the management committee have been discussing recently.

We have two major issues within the CFPS, the first being the human resource to run it and the second being funds to return the 3 locos back into service and 145 onto the mainline.

John Stephens and Lee Kenny both said at last years AGM that the time was approaching for them both to stand down from the committee. The good news is that they wouldn’t be totally removed from the CFPS and would always help out the best they could, so the human resource part of this is going to get worse and not better. The workload that John takes on as the society chairman has been unsustainable for a long time and even he admits that we need to get more people involved or find better ways of doing things as a group to reduce this. Hopefully he might stay if we can help him to do this?

Recently, the committee have been discussing The Whistler Magazine and the logistics from getting it from a clean page to the excellent work that arrives through your letterboxes produced by Andy Sparks. Once Andy has handed it over it then needs carting round Bury, stuffing into envelopes and posting out.

What would your view be on producing 2 hard copy magazines per year and replacing the other 2 with a good quality bulletin/newsletter? The magazine would not change from what it is now. The bulletin/newsletter would be electronic (PDF) with hard copies (c50) printed and posted to members with no email address. An additional option would be for members to choose to receive an electronic PDF version of all future Whistler Magazines instead of a hard copy.

This would save the CFPS £3k per year in printing and postage costs and 2/3 full days work stuffing envelopes, franking and sending out to members. 90% of the manual work is carried out by John with some regular helpers, but the lions share falls on John.

We would also improve the information we provide to you on social media. We are also in contact now with c500 members by email if we need to send out info in-between publications.

Both Clive Elverstone and Martin Poulter have been trying now for several months to reduce John’s workload by automating some processes for him.

The £3k saving is a worthwhile consideration on its own and can be re-directed towards keeping the locos in service.

We have also been discussing and investigating the possibility of providing an internet based online raffle as opposed to the manual raffle. This is something that could potentially remove the many hours (if not days or weeks) of John’s time and be simply generated online with payments received via PayPal.

To gauge the feelings of our members, we would like to invite you complete the short survey below and submit to us for review and the next committee meeting, which is scheduled for the end of March. Please could you also use the additional comments field to add any further ideas you may have that could benefit your society.

All feedback is welcome, we’re not saying this is going to happen, but if it did etc…

Many thanks for your time.

The Committee