CFPS 2020 Calendar – Image Details

Hi All,

Just for info to those who have, or are interested in purchasing, a CFPS 2020 calendar.

The locos depicted in the 13 images are:

COVER    40057    York                  Phil Durrell.

JAN         40028     Man Vic           Ray Briscall.

FEB           267       HONLEY           Dave Rodgers

March    97406     Lime Street     The late Trevor Dean.

April       40129     Holyhead         The late Bernard McDonough.

May          254       Lancaster         Dave Rodgers.

June       40063     Edinburgh        Ray  Briscall.

July         40117    Guide Bridge    Ray Briscall.

August   40181    Chester               Dave Rodgers.

SEP.        40127    Guide Bridge    The late Bernard McDonough.

OCT.       40091    Hope Valley      Matt Stodden.

NOV       40013     Chinley              The late Trevor Dean.

DEC        40012     Arpley Low       The late Trevor Dean.

To date 71 Calendars have been ordered.

Each year, we sell a minimum of 100, and have sold as many as 140.