An Appeal From The Chairman

Hi Folks,

For the first time in over 10 years, we have failed to sell our initial batch of 100 calendars that we get printed each year by Martin Walker at Beaver Sports.

In previous years, the orders received have resulted in me going back to Martin for a top up order of 30 or so calendars.

Alas THIS YEAR, we STILL have 7 of the 2019 Calendars left and that is despite me having to send 6 x replacement calendars out for ones that went astray in the post !

We are now in April, and therefore 3 of the pages are of no use OTHER THAN THE CRACKING CLASS 40 PICTURES DEPICTED ON THEM, please see the attachment.

With 40145s tyre replacement work now underway and a £30,000+ INVOICE soon to be heading to us (for JUST the TYRE work) we REALLY NEED every bit of income that we can muster.

The Calendar price was originally £12 + £2.95 post and packing, (£14.95) but the 7 remaining calendars “COULD BE” available for SALE at LESS than that !

You may have simply overlooked to order your edition of the CFPS 2019 calendar and assumed that they have all sold out by now, but that is not the case.

Offering discounts brings me out in a rash, so I will simply invite anyone out there to make me an offer for one of the 7 x remaining 2019 calendars and it will be considered !

You could even go one better and ALSO order some of the books shown on the sales pages of the CFPS website, and have them sent with your calendar, please see here.

IF you do not want to order a calendar but feel duty bound to send The CFPS a donation towards our engineering costs instead, that WILL BE REALLY APPRECIATED.

Thanks for listening everyone.


John Stephens