60th Anniversary Publication

Hi All,

Thank you to everyone who attended the recent 3 day Class 40 event at The ELR and contributed to its success with the marvellous friendly atmosphere that prevailed.

This is the first of a few messages that I will send over the next few days relating to the event.

The purpose of this message is firstly to thank Steve Jones for his long stint on the trains selling the NEW CFPS Book and the 40118 Leaflet.

As a result of Steve’s efforts we had SOLD OUT of all 300 copies we had printed of the book by early Saturday afternoon.

I have had various messages passed on to me saying requests have been received for a copy of the book.

The intention is to get another batch printed, BUT, we don’t want to end up with unsold stock.

Would anyone who wants a copy of the book, please email me and the response received will then determine how many I will then order for our second batch.

With hindsight, I clearly under ordered, but I was keen to avoid ordering too many and having stock left over.

It goes without saying that I don’t want to have unsold stock from a second batch.

Please promptly request a copy of the book and I will give it a few days before re-ordering.


John Stephens