40’s at 60 DVD

Hi All,

60th ANNIVERSARY of CLASS 40S event – DVD

During the 3 days of the ELR event, 3 talented chaps were out and about at various locations lineside and on the stations filming the feast of class 40 activity.

One of the 3 people was CFPS Member JOHN GOODALE and he, together with his 2 colleagues STUART MCDONALD and STEVIE PUGH have produced some marvellous footage for The CFPS.

This is now being edited by Rory Lushman to produce a 100+ minute DVD that will likely go on sale in early June.

The format will be an approximate 20 minute section on each loco starting with 40012 and running in numerical order.

There will then be some scenes of the double headers and it will finish with a few scenes of 50015 and D9009 that also took part in the event.

The sale price wont be determined until the DVD is finished but expect it to be around the £20 price.