40145 UPDATE

Hi All,

Prior to putting 40145 back together, Lee Kenny arranged for a UAT TEST ON 145s wheelsets.

We have been informed that the 3 bearings on Number 3 wheelset have failed their exam.

These items are pricey rascals and there are no spare bearings as such.

We do have a spare bogie with bearings on it, but this is under 40135 as an accommodation bogie.

One possibility is that we might be able to “borrow” a set of 3 from Shaun Wright and then have a replacement set made to give back to Shaun.

It would also make sense for us to get at least one set of 3 bearings produced for CFPS as a spare.

The bearings will be costly to have made specially, and even borrowing a set off Shaun Wright will be a time consuming task as the wheelset will have to be dismantled.

At the very least, the failure of the axle bearings has slowed down the return to action of 40145, and the costs of getting the loco back in action have now further increased.

John Stephens

Chairman CFPS