40145 and 40106 heading home

Hi All.

After arriving at Barrow Hill back on 22/11/18, 40145 is now in the yard at Barrow Hill ready to leave for The East Lancashire Railway at Bury.

40145 was with some good EE company yesterday 18/07, notably 37688 and 20096.

On TUESDAY 21/07

All being well 40145 will leave Barrow Hill about 14.00 hours and head for Kidderminster, going via Derby, Tamworth, Walsall and Stourbridge Junction, to collect 40106.

40145 will hopefully depart Kidderminster at approximately 18.30 hours on 21/07 hauling 40106 to Crewe via Stourbridge, Bescot and Stafford.

The 40s are scheduled to layover at CREWE at the LSL Depot on Tuesday night.


At approximately 11.50 hours, 40145 + 40106 are scheduled to leave the LSL Depot at Crewe and head to Bury via Warrington and Manchester Victoria.

There are pathing stops scheduled at Eccles and Salford Central, meaning the pair are not due at Castleton until approximately 14.05 hours.

Thank you to the HUGE EFFORT by SHAUN WRIGHT for getting the loco ready for departure.

Thank you also to The CFPS MEMBERSHIP for funding the TYRE REPLACEMENT WORK on 40145 by way of their many CHUNKY donations