40106 Boiler Works


Four members from The CFPS Oily Rags team, Shane Rich, Mike Hurst, Derek Gibson and Pete Cooper recently travelled down from The North West to Kidderminster.

Their mission was to undertake the removal of the boiler from 40106, which they did successfully, see image below.

A big thank you to each of them for their efforts and also for giving up their weekend for The CFPS.

Today, Friday 09/08, Shane and Tim will be heading to Kidderminster again to do some prep work on 40106.

The plan then is that Derek and Darren Gibson will travel down to The SVR with the boiler from 40135 and install it in 40106 on Saturday/Sunday (10/11 August).

The boiler from 40135 has been serviced and tested and independently certified, so all being well the aim is to have 40106 operating and heating passenger trains on The SVR over the coming winter period.

The boiler from 40106 will be brought back to The East Lancashire Railway where it will be examined and then hopefully repairs will be undertaken on it.

Considerable time and skill has been put into this project, not to mention a lot of incurred cost, it would therefore be a tremendous help if The CFPS was able to sell ALL the raffle tickets in its 2019 Annual Raffle !

Thank you to all of The Oily Rags Team for their marvellous efforts that take place most Saturdays, and sometimes Sunday as well, at Bury.

John Stephens