40106 56 Miles of Haulage at the ELR – Saturday 19th September

Hi Folks,

Thank you to everyone who has booked for the trains scheduled to be hauled by 40106 on Saturday 19/09.

The initial allocation of seats for the trains scheduled to be hauled by “106” have all been sold.

HOWEVER, The ELR are now allocating EXTRA SEATS to the train to try and accommodate everyone who wants to purchase a ticket.

If you tried to book a ticket and could not get one, PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP, more seats are BEING MADE AVAILABLE, so PLEASE TRY AGAIN. A further allocation of Tickets are available here, but are selling out fast

IF you do have a problem booking a seat, please email me, chairman@cfps.co.uk, where I will make enquiries on your behalf, but in the nicest way possible, email me as a last resort not the first !


John Stephens