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Welcome to the Class 40 Preservation Society News Page

Registered Charity No: 326323


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31 March 2017 - 40135 Progress

The Engineering Team today continued working on 40135 and successfully identified the wiring fault which has prevented her returning to service following her repaint The fault was traced the fault to a single conduit with some 15 or so wires inside.

The Teams efforts continue and further updates will follow in due course.

Great credit must be given to the team for their efforts.


31 March 2017 - 40145 Visits the Midland Railway Centre

Our Fantastic Engineering Officer Lee Kenny rests in the Midland Saloon (below) as we head back along The Erewash Valley route towards Chesterfield yesterday. 

In the latest Whistler Mag, mention is made of Lee stepping down at The next AGM due to his workload at The ELR.

Some members having been handed their mag on 40106 over the weekend, read the information and made contact with me and pleaded that I try to talk Lee out of stepping down. 

Their view being that Lee has done a superb job with our locos and had created a great Engineering Support team with The Oily Rags.

I am mighty relieved to report that Lee has decided to stop on for another 12 months and has selected Derek Gibson and James Bottomley to take some of the workload off him.

I take no credit for that decision, it was purely down to Lee.

He reflected on what we had achieved over the last 6 and a half years and spoke to Derek and James to see how they felt about taking on some of his workload as he wanted to make sure that we continued our great progress. 

Thank you to those who did make contact, I am sure Lee will be touched to know that you all have such a high opinion of him.  


John Stephens - CFPS Chairman



28 March 2017 - Membership Update

During the Committee meeting last Saturday, it was decided on going forward to save costs and time, that we will no longer be sending out physical membership cards to members.

For all the members who have recently joined or renewed and who have sent me a SAE, you will still be getting a physical card. However,, you will only receive a digital card when you next renew..

 I have produced a digital copy that is created direct from the database and prints to PDF. So when a member joins or renews and provides a valid email address, they will receive a digital copy which allows you to save to your PC, Tablet or smart phone.

Physical cards will only be used when a member has not pro vided a valid email address. To be honest, there are only a few on file who haven't.

Look out for your new digital membership card in your inboxes.

 If any member wants a digital version now, email me,, and I will tag one on to a reply for you.


Martin Poulter

Membership Secretary
Class Forty Preservation Society

25 March 2017

A lot going on for The CFPS today.

40106 providing steam heat on a service train for the first time in over 30 years.

A Committee meeting in the morning,

9 members of the Oily Rags working on our 2 x poorly locos,

Gavin Wright finally being able to have his cab ride that he won in our raffle last year, (Thank you to The ELR for facilitating this).

40 copies of the latest Whistler Magazine handed over to CFPS Members present on the train in the afternoon,

Andy Sparks signing 10 more copies of his NEW BOOK  and 5 of them sold to members on the day.

5 more bookings for our Charter Trains received.< o>


The fault on 40145 was fixed…….   WELL DONE TO LEE.

If anybody is planning on going to The ELR on Sunday for a ride behind 40106 and have NOT got the new Whistler magazine, please let me know and I will hand it to you tomorrow.

I will have copies of Andy Sparks book with me again tomorrow to sell to anybody that wants a copy and as requested today, I will have some of the NEW CFPS enamel badges with me as well.

Finally, thank you to the team that cleaned 40106 on Friday, the loco looked superb.


John Stephens - Chairman